Azure skies, unending beaches of white sand, sparkling turquoise water and dozens of activities that lets you have the experience of a lifetime: Mauritius. If you’re planning a vacation, this gorgeous island should be the first destination on your list. From UNESCO’s world heritage sites to almost any fun activity you can think of is present in Mauritius. Trekking, mountaineering, bird watching, water sports, luxury hotels, spas, animal parks are just a few of the many activities that are available to make the vacation even more exciting.

The peacefulness of this Indian Ocean Island does not only emanate from its natural, scenic beauty. The cultural diversity in Mauritius because of the co-existence of different ethnic groups such as Indian, French, Creole, Chinese, English and South African make it a wonderful place to escape to for a short holiday. As a democracy, the political scene is quite stable and a model for the rest of the African countries in both political and religious aspects. Ranked as one of the most peaceful countries by the GPI in 2016, it comes as no surprise that many religions cohabit in this island in absolute harmony.

Located in the Southern hemisphere, the Southern winters bring with it the dry season with a temperature of 24 degrees and the Southern summers rise to 30 degrees. The Mauritius winter sun is one of the aspects that attract tourists to this exotic island. If you’re going for holidays, we suggest you to rent a car at Car Rental Mauritius. You can effect an online booking on their website and be hassle-free. Else if you just want Mauritius Airport Transfer Services, they also offer that and that too at very cheap rates.

Five Things for Families to do in Mauritius

  1. Port Louis

The working capital of Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures. It is a perfect place for families to visit to experience the diversity in cultures, its architecture, art, and festivals. Described as ‘one of the greatest little cities in the world’ by European Journalist Christopher F. Schuetze, the capital city is the hub of the entire hustle bustle and the very heart of the island.

  1. Casela Nature Park Segway Tour

Home to 1,500 bird species and many majestic wild animals, this mix of technology and nature is a wonderful way to spend the day. Nothing seems more perfect than spending the day interacting with animals in their natural habitat and observing the biodiversity in the park.

  1. Blue Safari Submarine Tour

The 40 minute trip in the submarine shows the tourist the richness of marine life.  The tour provides an immense, invigorating experience that will prove to be the experience of a lifetime. 115 feet deep, the amazing life that exists underneath is showcased to the tourist.

  1. Zip Line

Set against the backdrop of Riviere des Galet, the exciting zip line is an activity all adventure lovers much try.  This is an ideal activity for families with all ages above 4 are allowed to zip line over the beautiful river of Riviere des Galet. Apart from zipping lining, the trip also involves trekking and swimming in the river.  Zip lining is an experience that everyone should experience to feel the adrenaline rush of flying, even if it is for a few moments.

  1. Dolphin watching

Watching dolphins and whales in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience. Seeing the marine animals up close is overwhelming yet beautiful. The tour includes swimming with the dolphins, breakfast, briefing about whales and dolphins and a ride on a speedboat.

Mauritius is a great place for family vacations. Every member has something to do and can enjoy them to the fullest. The Mauritian society makes it a magnificent place to visit as it includes fun, thrill, serenity and most of all the visitors can take back with them an experience that they will never forget.