The holidays are a selection of ‘investment’ is very pleasant. Energy, time, money gone but not gone in vain, there is a result that we can enjoy life. Except if its not a pleasant vacation.

Yes, instead of being more relaxed, some people even become stressed because not enjoy his vacation.

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Then how can I make this holiday so (more) fun? Here goes my version:

– Choose a well known friend

Yes, if you do not want to be alone, choose a friend on vacation that we know so well. Why? Because certainly do not want it too late even with a travel companion thanks to its original look in behavior that turned out not awful (probably slow, less over time choosing where to eat / vehicles, etc.)?

But I think rarely traveling alone who was really alone, can at least get to know the dong cool destination. 🙂 Try chatting with local people, talk to the traveler or other visitors.

– Lower the high expectations

Often people choose vacation locations or traveling to a place on the recommendation or based on the experiences of others. Quite often people who share the experience with the passionate until it feels we also wanted to visit the place. Some people also choose a vacation destination after viewing videos / photos snapped by other people.

Well, the danger of other people’s experience often makes us expects (hopes) are too high. For example, want to see such sights in the photo / video, but in reality when it reached the destination is not as good as it is because it turns photos / videos have been engineered or even worse: a fake photo.

These high expectations might make us too late because our expectations were not achieved. The result was even not enjoy the holidays and grumble-grumble or make a whole other person.

– Know the state of getaways

Find out how the state getaways before there, is there electricity? No fresh water (for shower?) If the weather is conducive to move there? Do not get when we got there we actually regretted not know the real situation.

– Plan your itinerary

Want traveling how many days? How long? If the schedule is clear, clothes and leisure equipment can be adjusted. No need to carry goods that do not need and the results luggage is light.

– Forget for a moment routines

When it comes to places of interest, focusing on the place and its people. Vacation with family? Devote all your attention on the family. Vacationing with your partner? Spend these moments with a partner. The routine usually only in social media? Reduce, or may forget for a moment. (But, good luck, I think it would be hard to forget)

In essence, let our eyes see more, let our senses other places feel the atmosphere of the holiday.

– Know what your vacation destination

What vacation? Surely to please themselves, but the way each person is different. Well, make sure the vacation destination for fun and enriching personal experience. Not to envy others or to impress others with our holiday.

When our focus is to impress others, then it is likely we will be trying desperately for others and not for the happiness of ourselves. As a result, even when we do not meet the ego, we can not enjoy the holidays and end up all night to make other people more.