Bored to visit tourist attractions in local area and wish it was a holiday this year you streets abroad as visiting Japan, famous for cherry blossoms. Want small budget really but definitely expensive! Quiet, There Tricks and Tips Into Discount Japan is certainly very save money especially for you who like to travel in the style of Backpacker (self travel with innate taste and no group of Tour and Travel).

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He tried traveled in Japan where people still maintain firm Unique ancestral tradition, behind the rapid rate of economic growth and technological progress. There is a balance in the diversity of traditional and modern life in the Rising Sun Country’s. Here are 7 Tricks and Tips Discount Japan Ala Backpacking:

1. Diligent Monitoring Site Frequently Airline Promo Offers Flights

The highest costs that you have to spend in order to bring adventure to the land of Sakura is the cost of the ticket. Under normal circumstances, return tickets to Japan could be priced at 5-8 million. But for you who have limited funds, do not be discouraged yet. With a little perseverance and shrewdness kiss opportunities, cheaper tickets may still be you get.

Do not be lazy visit to budget airline sites often offer promo ticket. If you book ahead of time, not infrequently price that you can get quite competitive. In fact, last May that many budget airlines serving the Asia offer promo ticket costs 3 million just to commute Kuala Lumpur for 2 people. Yeah, pretty USD150 / person. Passable really right?

2. Select Winter As Time Departures

Want a cheap ticket, of course you have to be willing to sacrifice a little bit. One of the sacrifice in order to be a cheaper ticket is to avoid the peak tourist season that is so sought after most. In Japan, Haru (spring, in May-June) and Natsu (summer months of July to September) is the most tempting time for traveling. At that time, Sakura began to emerge, and the air was warm and pleasant.

Naturally, if the prices in those months soared. But let the heavy purse tourists who enjoy the warm weather. You are going to be willing economical little toil. The trick to get cheap tickets are gone when Fuyu (winter.) These flights are usually more loyal to give a discount for departure in the winter is relatively quiet passengers.

Do not worry about losing the opportunity to enjoy the sights in the winter. There are several tourist destinations that are even more beautiful when visited when the snow is many gathered on the ground.

3. Smart Select Specialty, Don’t Until Money and Your Time Out On the Road

Tickets already purchased, it’s time to play the brain in order to get the inn is located. Japan is famous for the transportation costs are not cheap, therefore it helps you select the inn easy access to different location. There are several alternatives that you can try:

a. Backpacker Hostel

Hostel World kinds of sites you can easily book lodging, even far-away days before leaving for Japan. The choices were varied, ranging from cheap to expensive. But as cheap as any stay in Japan, do not expect you to be priced below Rp 100,000.00 ala jasmine-class hotel.

If lucky, the lowest price for shared dorm filled 6 requires you to spend $ 1,300 Yen, or approximately USD 160 The prices vary depending on destination that you went to, and the choice of the room selected. If you want a room that is just filled with 1-2 people and the seafront in the shower, get ready for it had to pay higher prices.

b. Stayed Ala couchsurfer

Ease technology can now be a bridge for you who need a cheap place to stay in the country. Through the site you can find members Couchsurfing CS (couchsurfer-red) were happy to open the door where he lived for a while you ride. Not only offers a place to stay free, stay ala couchsurfer also give you a chance to interact directly with local communities.

Couchsurfing members that you are riding it could be someone who is able to give travel advice. Not a few who are still on good terms with CS who gave a ride upon their return to their homeland.

c. Stayed in Dorm Friend

Japan is a country that so many destinations of Indonesian students to gain knowledge. Not difficult to find a community of people of Indonesia in Japan. Maybe even your pal is one of them. If you want to be a free ride is minimal pleasantries, dorm or apato (apartment-red) friends can be a mainstay.

One you must remember, not all homes in Japan have a futon (mattress-red) excess. Then, before the stay make sure first of your friends have a spare futon that you can use. If not, you should be prepared to sleep on the couch or on the floor. But still, these conditions can be tricked with a sleeping bag that you can use to banish the cold.