4 Fantastic Attractions in Dubai You Have to Visit

Dubai is one of the most unique cities on this planet. It is renowned for its hospitality sector, and for its ambitious and impressive public infrastructure projects. In addition to the skyscrapers and other artificial structures, Dubai is also one of the best places in the world to see unspoiled deserts. Here are some of the most popular and most alluring attractions that Dubai has to offer the many millions of tourists who visit the city-state every year.

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Desert Safari

A desert safari in Dubai is the perfect opportunity to see and experience an expansive, unspoiled desert landscape. Witnessing the beauty and majesty of the deserts first-hand gives you an entirely new appreciation for the power of our planet and the diverse range of environments that can exist here. If you are visiting India, you should consider looking into flying to Dubai for a desert safari and …


If you are looking for a fun sport in winters that skiing is the right one for you. Not only does is it a good time pass but it’s quite entertaining as well. Skiing isn’t just good for your physical health but it is also good for your mental  health. Skiing helps you lose several pounds and it also helps you fight depression and you feel happy and active.


Skiing has a lot of benefits. Skiing contributes to the adventurous nature of a human being. Skiing also cheers you up and you don’t feel dull and sulky. Also, in this way you also go outside and experience and interact with the outside environment. The physical benefits of skiing are that it tones your stomach muscles and gives them shape, it improves the quality of your cardiovascular system and it also helps you lose weight.  Skiing physically strengthens your muscles …

10 Lies You Tell Yourself Every Time You Get Your Heart Broken

Count how many breakups you’ve had in your life and try to remember what you were saying to yourself each time to make the things easier. You were probably making some not quite successful attempts to comfort yourself by telling lies, weren’t you? Yeah, that’s one of the most widespread techniques to refer to after a breakup. And plenty of sites that are flashing with advertisements like ‘men over 50 for dating’ provide the whole list of those just to show how people choose to fool themselves.

  1. Thinking it has nothing to do with you

Lots of brokenhearted people take this position, yet, it’s not always like that. Sometimes a person you’ve been in a relationship with finds the one that simply accepts them as they are. Something you could never actually do.

  1. Coming to the conclusion that all relationships need work

The term ‘work’ is just opposite …

The different ferry ports found in Batam

Batam is a city in Indonesia which lies in the Riau islands province. This city consists of several islands, with Batam Island becoming the core urban area. Batam is an industrial town and an emerging transport hub. Lying less than one hour by ferry from Singapore, the islands promise a completely contrasting environment from that of the busy metropolitan Singapore. Batam and Bintan are only two of the more than 2400 islands that make up the Riau Archipelago province which stretched from Sumatra, rounding north-east to the Anambas islands and in the South China Sea. The island of Batam today is the third busiest entry port to Indonesia which lies next to Bali and Jakarta.

Since Batam is situated so near to the Singapore, it is favorite resort for residents and international tourists in Singapore, who wish to get closer to nature and to relax for the short vacation of …