The territory of the Dominican Republic occupies about two-thirds of the rest of Hispaniola Island occupied by Haiti. The natural charm of this country includes tropical rain forests, mountains, mangroves, and deserts.

The Dominican Republic is also known for its charming white sand beaches. The population in this country is the majority of Europe and Africa, while minorities are immigrants from Haiti. As with Indonesia, this country which is famous as a producer of coffee and tobacco also has a tropical climate. In addition to the beauty of its beach, Barahona is home to the largest lake in the Caribbean Islands.

As reported by CNN, Monday (10/12/2015), the natural charm of the Dominican Republic can be included in the list of your holiday destinations. Here are 6 places you need to visit when you travel to the country.

Honeymoon in the Expanse of White Sand Punta Cana Beach

Adventure Park in Punta Cana, his beach is one of the favorite destinations for new couples who are on their honeymoon. An expanse of white sand along the coastline, blue sea, and waves that are not too big is the right place for you who want to relax by the beach.

White Sand on Bani Dunes Beach, Barahona

The Dominican Republic is an archipelago in the Caribbean Islands cluster. Of course, the beach is one of the attractions that are the mainstay of this country. Sparkling, wide stretches of white sand along the coastline make anyone who visits will be fascinated.

The grandeur of the Presidential Palace in the Palacio Nacional

The Santo Domingo Presidential Palace should be the official residence of the Dominican President, but in reality, the palace was made into an office building. The interior of this building is decorated with furniture made of mahogany wood, gold, and paintings from the country’s painters.

La Basilica de Higuey Church which is the State Symbol

The Basilica of Higuey is one of the grandest churches in the world which is a symbol of the Dominican Republic which was inaugurated in 1970 by Pope John Paul IV. The shape of the church building resembles a prayer hand as high as 79.8 meters. Every year, thousands of people visit this church to commemorate the victory of Dominica in the Sabana War in 1691. This church has a charming architecture, equipped with towers, and at its peak, there is a giant bell made of 24-carat gold-plated bronze.

Free Jump at El Salto del Limon Waterfall, Samana

“Pain before having fun than” might be a suitable phrase to describe the sensation of jumping from a height of 40 meters to a natural pond. This sensation can only be found at El Salto del Limon. You are required to climb the mountain and penetrate the forest to reach the rapids at the top, where El Salto del Limon is located. After a fairly heavy journey, you will get paid in kind by being presented with the amazing natural scenery.

Sturdy Fortaleza Ozama Museum

The museum which was founded in 1502 was once a fortress built to protect Santo Domingo from pirates and invaders. In the castle that has become a museum, you can climb stairs to the top to get a beautiful view.