When travelling to a new place, there are factors that are very important for a first time visitor that may give him or her, an experience of a lifetime one that they will share with others. After spending time securing your low cost airline tickets to Istanbul, the next step is to learn some welcoming gestures, the appearance of the area especially cleanliness and the general hospitability of the people. In Turkey, some of these shopping areas offer you just that one in a lifetime experience that you can never forget.

Bagdat Caddesi

It is Located in Istanbul on the Asian side of the city, it is a 14 km street parallel to the Marmara Sea. The street has 6km of shopping street from Bostanci to Kilzitoprak with shopping malls and fashion stores spread all over. There are a variety of shopping items range from spices, Turkish rugs, shoes and all manner of apparels from local to international brands. There are also local and international pubs, restaurants and cafes including Starbucks.


A walking distance from Taksim in Istanbul, this shopping district offers classy high-end sophisticated kind of shopping experience. The area is known for having considerable large numbers foreign residents who are educated, dignified and well behaved. This is another world for people who value quality limited edition fashion items from world-class brands.

Abdi Ipekci Street

This premier shopping street is around 700m long located in Sisli district in Istanbul. It has developed in the glamorous neighbourhood into a host for luxury retail shopping venues with a monthly lease of around $3500 per square metre making it the most expensive street for retail stores in Turkey. There are a variety of shops and stores offering local Turkish brands and international brands like Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Cartier, Giorgio Armani, Hermes, Escada, Gucci, Dior, Burberry and others. It also includes various local and international cuisines courtesy of restaurants and cafes on both sides of the streets.

Istiklal Avenue

Also known as Independence Avenue in English and located in Beyoglu (Pera) it’s one of the most famous avenues in Istanbul hosting about 3 million visitors over weekends. It is 1.4 km long hosting various boutiques, restaurants, cafés, music stores, bookstores, cinemas, theatres, historical patisseries, chocolateries and night clubs. It has a rich historical culture and with the restoration of the buildings, pavements, trams and other facilities that were destroyed in the past, this avenue became a Centre of fine arts with the establishment of several new art galleries. It also hosts international art festivals like the annual Istanbul Film Festival.

7th Street Ankara

This town is strategic being the capital of Turkey and it has goods from all over the country being brought in to take advantage of the capital market. There are antique items on sale ranging from mugs, necklaces, ceramics, dried fruits, nuts amongst other things.
The amazing culture in Turkey is something that you should experience because of the atmosphere of this great country. This is a trip worth saving for considering that the Turkish Visa is easy to obtain, with the new online platform making it even better in terms of saving time.