Count how many breakups you’ve had in your life and try to remember what you were saying to yourself each time to make the things easier. You were probably making some not quite successful attempts to comfort yourself by telling lies, weren’t you? Yeah, that’s one of the most widespread techniques to refer to after a breakup. And plenty of sites that are flashing with advertisements like ‘men over 50 for dating’ provide the whole list of those just to show how people choose to fool themselves.

  1. Thinking it has nothing to do with you

Lots of brokenhearted people take this position, yet, it’s not always like that. Sometimes a person you’ve been in a relationship with finds the one that simply accepts them as they are. Something you could never actually do.

  1. Coming to the conclusion that all relationships need work

The term ‘work’ is just opposite of the term ‘fun’. If you turn your relationships into work, there will naturally be rather little fun. And who needs additional work bringing no opportunity to relax?

  1. Thinking they will never find someone like you

The world is not that small for this statement to be true. One day they may actually happen to find someone to live a happy life with.

  1. Convincing yourself that a person they are dating is a bastard

Blaming somebody for ‘stealing’ your boyfriend/girlfriend is an absolutely childish type of behavior. Dating different people is just an integral part of our lives just like the sunset/sunrise.

  1. Comforting yourself with the thoughts “You’ll find someone soon”

Sometimes it may take months or even years to start the new relationships. However, you shouldn’t be in despair. Prior to looking for somebody new, you should put things together in your head and in your soul.

  1. Leaning towards the idea “There’s nothing I could do”

There are usually lots of things one could do. Yet, one can’t force the other person to stay. So, you better view the things from this side.

  1. Wishing them to regret this

Realize one fact, they may actually never regret the choice they had made. In fact, it could be the new start for them. But even if they did regret, would it really make you happier? Exactly!

  1. Thinking you’ll forget this one day

Surely, things are getting less painful with time, yet, one can’t entirely throw the memories out of their head. You’ll remember it all one day. But you’ll just smile at how naïve and inexperienced you were.

  1. Believing it was possible to fix it all

It’s logical to assume that things that need fixing are already broken. Should you start fixing them, you’ll be forced to do it regularly.

  1. Being concerned about ending up alone

No one is alone! Look around, there are millions of people surrounding you. Meet with friends, stay with family, be open, and one day you’ll feel ready to try something new. You’ll want to meet someone new.

Breakups aren’t easy and sometimes, people tell themselves lies to soften the blow. But you shouldn’t get too lost in them or it may hurt even more.