Making the Most Fun Out Of Your Family’s Stingray City Tour If you and your family are planning on a trip to the Grand Cayman, one place you shouldn’t miss out on is Stingray City. The term actually refers to two different locations in the Cayman Islands, namely Stingray City and Stingray City Sandbar. Well, both aren’t really that different because they offer one distinctive tourist attraction – heading out to sea to see stingrays in action. For those who want to be up close and personal, snorkeling and diving are the most popular attractions and with stingrays nearby, it should more than enough to be called an experience of a lifetime. If you want to take on this sea excursion, you should know that most of the tours will last about three hours, but it should be one of the best short hours in your entire adventure. Obviously, you’d want to know more about what to expect once you get there. Let’s find out… The usual starting point is Seven Mile Beach, where you’re going to ride a boat with a travel time of about thirty minutes. Because the heat of the sun could be quite foreign to you, it is advised that you and everyone in the family wear sunscreen and a hat for added protection. Just as you expected, stingrays will be the ones that will greet you and your boat on your arrival in Stingray City. The place is just so abundant and full of them that they easily swarm incoming boats upon hearing the motor.
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Your kids will definitely have a blast, starting with the feeding of the stingrays, in which they can do it themselves with the chunks of fish meat, like sushi, handed out by the boat operators. Stingrays in general aren’t aggressive, which means they’re perfectly safe with kids around; though it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to see some young ones getting scared of their appearance. Aside from fish meat, rays also love to be petted and fed with squids, which actually is their favorite food.
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More on the boat trips, you actually can pick a group charter, especially if you are visiting with your large family. That obviously sounds more fun, right? For adults, snorkeling at the Coral Gardens is something that shouldn’t be missed. You get to choose from several different diving operators to give you the coral reef snorkeling experience that you will never forget. This part of the tour is something you must try because you’ll never get the same chance of exploring the sea up close and personal and see something that’s literally untouched and unharmed by human hands. Now for your gastronomic pleasure, spend your lunch and dinner at the Kaibo or Rum Point that serve the best food in the area.