There are some places considered to be a game of a vacation place and one of those is Springfield Missouri. The place has so many unique attractions in it. Today, we aim at pointing out some unique and fun areas which one can visit while in Missouri.

Your friends and yourself could spend some time in the Dickerson park zoo that has so much to do at an affordable price. The Outback Corral petting zoo has both domestic and exotic animals that are in a protected yet hands on atmosphere. You can also feed the Giraffes, ride on the train or shop at the Safari Trading Company gift shop.

Another fascinating place to visit is the discovery center of Springfield that offers fun and learning in one place. A dinosaur dig, exhibits with information about the human body, Exploratory Lab fun and a place where you can pretend you’re on the evening news are just some of the many discoveries that can be made at the Discovery Center.

Ride through cave for America is the name given to the fantastic cavern which is ideal for kids and the elderly as people are drove through it in a jeep rather than walking through it. Truly a unique experience, this attraction boasts America’s only ride through cave. Moreover, this business is owned by a family and not state run.For most americans, exploring caves has become something that has gained increasing demand. It does not matter whether you are just doing a non-commercial self tour of a cave, there is just something about entering a cave which is very special and magical. The feel of the cave air, the smells, the quite, the utter darkness when the lamps are turned off.

There is just some astonishing feel as one marvels at how the crystals and the rocks came to form millions of years ago. The shapes and sizes of caves may differ from one place to another. A caves may either be muddy and cold or even hot and dry depending on its location .

Titanic Museum Attraction: The world’s largest Titanic Museum attraction is just waiting to be explored! This museum is built just like the Titanic and is a two story museum. You can fully enjoy yourself in this museum as there some real artifacts from the titanic. The trip should be planned while keeping in mind some few events that happen in this museum such as the tea party. more than 20 different rooms are waiting to be discovered.

At Wilson Creek National battlefield is where all the artifacts about war are found.

At springfield, there is always something to be done by someone.

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