What to Do with Friends in Springfield MO

Take a trip to Missouri, and you should find the glistening city of Springfield. This city proudly boasts some of the most entertaining attractions and activities in the entire country. There are lots of different places to visit when you find yourself in Springfield, and here we count down the four best places to visit and fun things to do with friends in Springfield MO.

1. Ignite Your Interest at the Discovery Center of Springfield – At the Discovery Center of Springfield, you’re sure to learn, enjoy, and explore your interests. This interactive museum hosts countless fascinating exhibits, programs, and displays that add a very interesting twist to an educational experience. The DCS taps into several different areas of knowledge – from science, to art, and even history and culture. You can be sure that every member of your group of friends will find their niche in this amazing, expansive, and interesting tourist hot spot exclusive to Springfield MO.

2. Explore the Fantastic Caverns – The Fantastic Caverns are the ideal tourist attraction for groups of friends who love the great outdoors. This extensive and complex underground network of caves and tunnels was carved out many years ago by an ancient underground river. Discovered in 1862, the caverns have since turned into one of the most visited tourist locations in the City of Springfield. For those who think they might get lost in the complex network of caves, there’s no need to worry. There are 55 minute long guided tours that happen all year round so you can make the most of your visit.
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3. Take a Trip to the Botanical Center – For a laid back afternoon in picturesque environment, why not try the Botanical Center? Here you and your friends can learn all about the different plants and insects that seem untouched by time. At this lush garden, you will find some of the rarest plants and insects nationwide, which is why it has become a must-see tourist spot for visitors and locals alike. There’s over 12 thousand square feet of lush garden landscape to enjoy, explore, and discover, so you should be ready to spend the whole day walking about this majestic attraction with your family and friends.
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4. Connect with Wildlife at the Dickerson Park Zoo – There’s no such thing as a city without a zoo. At Springfield, you can find the Dickerson Park Zoo which was founded to inspire interest and effort in taking care of the many different creatures we share our world with. Home to over 500 animals and 160 different species, you can be sure that the whole gang will enjoy a trip to this extensive wildlife park.