Why Designer Bags Keep on Growing in Size.

Designer bags describe women in a big way. Small or tiny bags shows a person’s take on life on a smooth note. A woman who carries such a bag only requires only essentials. The lady does not need to carry luggage distractors. keys, phone and lipstick is all the woman takes.

Another type of a woman is the one who carries a big bag. She is always prepared for anything that the day may bring her across. This woman is ready for her on-the-go lifestyle. She may carry a snack, a small perfume, a phone charger, and a book. She is usually not ashamed to walk in the streets carrying all her must-haves.
Designers are aware of the two types of women. They are not challenged by designers on their different tastes. The designer’s role is simply to manufacture the bags in a way to suit each of these women.

Below are the reasons behind big designer bags.
One of the reasons is that one big bag has multiple uses. Buying an expensive bag is quite an investment. A bag is more significant than just putting belongings in it. Many outfits can be matched by designer bags, as well as a statement piece. Designer bags can well match in the office, at the gym, and at a girl’s dinner, including many other events. Big bags efficiently enable this since someone can carry an outfit or two in them. In traveling, big bags are efficient. One can pack more in a bigger bag. One can comfortably put all her necessary Items for a beach party over the weekend or a plane ride. Women with children or those who are schooling find big bags necessary to carry books as well as kid’s toys.

People also choose big bags over little ones. Designers charge more for big bags. A bag is sold at a high price if only it is useful. An example of a brand that does not have versatility of small petite bags is the Louis Vuitton bags. Bigger sizes cost more. Day and night necessities can be carried by big bags.

Lastly, the belief by people that a bag is too big to use is no longer there. Women need a bag that is perfectly adjustable to their needs. The bigger the bag, the greater the woman’s take on her ability to do a couple of things in the day. Different bags to cater for lunch, office, and gyms are no longer necessary. Good designer bags lets women have one bag provide for all this.