What to Consider When Choosing a Booster Pump

You can install a booster pump to increase pressure of the water coming into your home. You will come across various pressure booster pumps in the market. Carrying out proper research is important to know which booster pump will be ideal to buy.

You can start your research for water pumps by searching on the internet. At home construction forums, you will find information about different types of pumps. You can also read reviews of different pumps at a number of sites to determine which one will address your needs. Talking to other homeowners or construction repair professionals can also help you know which pump will be suitable to buy.

Among the many booster pumps available in the market is the all-in-one pressure type. This is a unit that has a pump, pressure valve, diaphragm, and flow sensor. There are a number of reasons why these units are preferred by many people. In a nutshell, the units are compact, affordable and easy to install. After installing the water pressure pump, you can control the amount of extra pressure it generates. For this reason, it is important to know how much water pressure is generated to your home and how much extra pressure will be required.

One of the easy ways in which you can test the water pressure is by using a pressure gauge. You can purchase a pressure gauge at a local hardware store or on the internet. Before buying, find out how much PSI (pounds per square inch) it has. Generally, the pressure should not be more than 75 PSI for use in a plumbing system. For example, if your current water PSI is 40 and you want to get it to 75 PSI, you will need a booster pump that will not provide more than 35 PSI.

You should also know the size of the main water line that comes into the house. Depending on your requirements, the water line pipe can be adjusted either up or down. However, it would be best to go for a pipe that fits the incoming line from the booster pump properly. Install flex lines is another thing you can do to make it easy for the booster pump to work. Therefore, be clear on the size of pipe you would like.

You should also check the amount of space available in the area where you will be storing the water booster you intend to buy. Do not ignore this point as space can determine how easy your work will be with the water pump. If you select a company water pressure unit, make sure there is adequate space round it so that it can breather. Moreover, space will be important when it comes to maintaining the unit.

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