Wilderness Survival Tips. Sometimes you might not be able to enjoy life as it has always been and to make it through you need survival skills. It is not your choice to be in such a predicament as it comes unexpectedly. It is upon yourself to ensure that you are safe, you eat enough healthy food and drink clean water. Here are some of the survival skills that you should be equipped with for hardship like in the wilderness. For your body to remain healthy you will always require food even in hardship. For the body to function properly and generate the necessary power that you require you will have to eat. One of the ways that you can get the food eat is from harvesting plants and gathering insects that are not poisonous. You should be able to tell the plants that are toxic from their physical appearance. Generally, milky plants, hairy plants, bulbous plants, and plants with three leaves are known to be poisonous. Plants in will only provide your body with vitamins and proteins which is not nutritionally enough for your body to function properly. Therefore, you will have to hunt for animals or catch insects to get more proteins and fats. Edible insects in the wilderness include bees, grasshoppers, worms and much more. Your body cannot survive without water, and therefore you should make sure you drink some. It is not easy to find water to drink in the desert which means you need to know some sources of water and how to collect it. The water sources are usually not clean, and you should filter it before drinking. You can find some water by harvesting rainwater or dig deep holes in muddy areas for water to surface. You can boil the collected water over fire using tins as a means of purification.
The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Survival
To get some warmth into the cold night, cook food and boil water you will need fire. Knowledge on how to start and maintain fire is essential. Traditional methods such as striking stones can be used to start fire. Once you have started the fire should make sure that it does not go off since the process of starting it can be difficult. Chances are high that you get sick because of the unusual conditions and therefore you should have some skills on the correct herbs to take. Other skills that are important include first aid, self-defense, and preparation of housing.The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Survival