Sealcoating Contractor- Best Ideas to Help You Find the Right One Whether you have an asphalt pavement in your parking or driveway, you can extend its life through proper maintenance. This is the first thing your visitors can notice when entering your place. Well, you don’t have to worry because sealcoating can help you. Below are some tips you can consider in order to make sure that you get the right sealcoating contractor to hire. When finding a sealcoating contractor, you have to check his reputation or history. You can ask to see their portfolio or even visit some properties to really see their work’s quality. You have to be aware of those contractors who go door to door when offering sealcoat services. These people might use left-over materials. Also, they will not do follow up after they finish the job. These just show that they are not a good option since problems can occur after their job. You can determine a good contractor if he has a warranty. When it comes to the quote, determine what are included. You should know if they do pothole or crack repair. Collect essential information about the contractor like office location, business cards or reference lists. The contract should be in written form. If stripping is important, then know if they are going to do the work or hire another for the job. When they hire another contractor, be sure to examine them also. It is also essential to ask about their insurance so you have peace of mind that your safe from any damages and loss.
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It is essential to ask the contractor on what equipments they are going to use in applying sealcoat. Of course, you need a contractor who can properly prepare the surface by using the appropriate tools. And to make sure that they can apply the sealcoating efficiently, they must be using the appropriate tools.
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You sure don’t want to waste your time, so know when the work can be completed. The labor cost will be reduced when the contractors are using blowers and spray or squeegee machine to do their job. It is also very important for you to know what materials are used in sealcoating. Ask the contractor about the number of coats included in their quote. You can demand for at least two coats. One coat fills in the porosity and voids of asphalt surface. The wearing layer is the next coat. The second coat increases the lifespan of the surface. With the second coat, the wear that can happen on the asphalt is reduced. It is also essential for you to determine what specifications the manufacturer has when it comes to mixing and applying the sealcoat. For you to know how much material required, you have to know the space to be sealed.