The Main Attractions Found in Dubai There are numerous places that you can decide to go to when you are free or want to experience a taste of nature. Going to different places during vacations has become a norm that has been embraced by many people all over the world who take time off to relax with friends and family. Touring different destinations as surprises or honeymoon will leave you with a memorable experience that you will be recalling every time. Conducting different activities and watching the sun as it rises and sets leaving behind a great scene that could favor various photography settings. You can easily manage to tour various places of the world and explore the different natural and man-made attractions that are located in these places by starting to save little by little and with time, you will be able to tour several places. You should make a list and make sure to at least tour one country in every continent of the world. Dubai for sure should be one of the countries that is on top of that list because of the different beautiful attractions and the fun activities that you can carry out while in Dubai. Dubai is a country that is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf of the popular United Arab Emirates. Its neighbors include the Sultanate of Oman that is found to the southeast and Abu Dhabi found to the south. It is generally a peaceful country with an absolute monarchy type of government and is blessed with a variety of attractions. Some of the best attractions in Dubai that you can never miss locating include Dubai Museum, Burj Khalifa, Bastakia, the House of Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum, Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Creek, Deira Souks, Baskatia Mosques, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Aquarium, Burj al-Arab, Dubai Mall and Jumeirah Beach among others. If you can’t manage to tour all these places, make sure that you tour at least half of them.
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The Dubai Aquarium is one of the best tourist sites that is home to over a hundred species of sea creatures on a suspended tank that is situated on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall. The Jumeirah Mosque is rated as the most beautiful mosque in Dubai which is constructed with only two minarets that showcase the uniqueness on the stonework employed and was also constructed in the tradition of the medieval Fatimid using the Islamic architecture.
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Burj Khalifa is the landmark of Dubai being the tallest building ever constructed in the world with one hundred and twenty floors. The neighboring buildings also complement the beauty of this building with the beautiful views, fountain, and beautiful gardens. You should also make an attempt of visiting the Dubai Creek which acts as a boundary between Bur Dubai to the south and Deira to the north. Here you will be to carry out activities such as pearl driving and fishing. While at Dubai, don’t dare miss out on activities such as desert safaris, yachting or boat cruising and kiting in Kite Beach; all these activities will leave you with an experience of a lifetime and you will end up having fun as you get a glimpse of the different scenes from afar.